Public school's PTA sponsored art appreciation parent-volunteer program.

Design training workshops on art appreciation and how to discuss a work of art in a group setting.  

Children's art book collection curation.

Museum collaboration with educators from:
-Museum of Modern Art
-Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
-Yale University Art Gallery
-Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
-The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
-The Bruce Museum
-The Westport Arts Center

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Yale RULER Initiative

for social and emotional learning

Library program developer for school district's RULER community outreach committee. 

Broadened the social and emotional learning taught in school into the wider community through public library programs.

Developed supportive programs that included music, literature, history and philosophy for multi-generational audiences.

Certified by Yale's SEL Strategies in Times of Uncertainty & Stress, CT Cohort.


Early Childhood Literacy Outreach

Led early literacy outreach program. Established ongoing early literacy story times in preschools.

Design and execution of an Annual Preschool Self-Portrait Reception and Exhibit in honor of the Week of the Young Child sponsored by the National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC). Hundreds of children participate each year resulting in a much anticipated annual event when families visit the Library. 

Ukulele Meetups

 Library Ukulele Meetup

Established a monthly Ukulele Meetup at the Library for middle/high school students to adults.

Purchased ukuleles that circulate as part of the Library of Things.

Instructors and participants went on to become professional ukulele teachers in Connecticut, Brooklyn and Manhattan as well as to establish the Connecticut Ukulele Festival.

Unique public library program offered free music lessons and circulating instruments. Hundreds participated over the years.